About Us – Local – Confidential – STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases are among the most widely spread diseases ailments in the first and third world alike. Having an untreated STD can be devastating, leading to permanent damage or worse, especially in cases where the disease is not completely curable. Fast treatment and reliable screening are absolute essentials to any sexually active adult. Simple STD Testing exists to help give such screenings quickly and confidentially.

Simple STD Testing is dedicated toward the confidential detection of sexually transmitted diseases. Our goal is to reduce the occurrence of STDs through enhancing public awareness, as well as providing quality screening facilitated by our caring counselors

Our highly medical professionals are all devoted toward giving the best in convenient, confidential help to all those in need. Testing simply requires a blood or urine sample, and collection sites are available in convenient locations throughout the United States. Our caring counselors will help relay the test results within 3 business days from being tested.

Simple STD Testing Mission Statement
“We specialize in providing answers to our clients regarding their sexual health through confidential detection of sexually transmitted diseases. We pride ourself in providing quick, confidential, and accurate STD tests.”

Call today with any questions or concerns, our staff is waiting and ready to assist in any way possible.