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October 8th, 2009

With an ever changing population the rate at which STD’s are being spread is concerning.  The need for testing facilities is always growing but how does the consumer know who to pick.   Here are a couple of facts that may help you make a decision when looking for a place to get tested.

There are many ways to get tested you can go to your family doctor, go to some sort of clinic or call a center such as ours.  Many people don’t like going to their doctor because of confidentiality reasons.  If you go to your doctor many times he is a family friend.  It might be embarrassing and even if there is no connection outside of the office, if you come back positive for a major STD it will be on your medical record forever.  This can cause your health insurance rates to increase or even be kicked off.

Another way to get tested is to go to those local clinics where they don’t necessarily  run the most accurate tests.   Many times these clinics are government subsided so in order to cut costs they sacrifice results.

You can also call a company that will send you to a local lab.  What a lot of people don’t know is that even if they use the same laboratories each lab can offer over 20 different tests for the same disease.  How do you know who to trust?  you have to ask about what kind of tests are the most accurate?  Which have less room for error?  How quickly can i get my results?  Any place that offers you immediate results the same day most likely is to good to be true.  The most accurate way to test for an STD is off a blood or urine sample.

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each place you can go to.  Increasing one’s knowledge of STD’s plays a major roll in protecting themselves from being infected.  If you have any questions give a counselor a call.  We are here to help.

100,000 Women Go Infertile

October 5th, 2009

75% of women are said to be asymptomatic to chlamydia.  Often, this bacteria can cause internal damage because it has virtually no signs or symptoms.  Chlamydia is responsible for about 100,000 women going infertile and can lead to sterility in men as well.  When left untreated chlamydia can cause PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) or damage the fallopian tubes preventing the eggs to travel to the ovaries.  Unless you are practicing safe sexual habits chlamydia can be very difficult to avoid especially for men and women under the age of 25.

I was on various websites today searching for different stories on contraceptives and I ran into one that I had never really seen before much less used.  It was the Female condom.  A company by the name of Female healthimages has developed a condom for women that is FDA approved.  Now, as I said before I haven’t personally seen or used one so I was intrigued.  A latex condom is the easiest and most effective way to protect from pregnancy and reduce the possibilities of contracting an STD.  Well, now, there is an alternative.

The Advantages of Not Using Insurance

October 2nd, 2009

For many people the use of health insurance is very common.  It can be an inexpensive way to get healthcare.  There are however, certain times where it is advantageous to not use your health insurance.  Getting tested for STD’s is one of those.  What a lot of people don’t know is that many health insurers historically have not covered STD testing.  One of my clients was let go from his Insurance just for getting tested and he came back negative.  Insurance is the measurement of risk and since everyone is responsible for protecting themselves coming back positive is not showing that you are responsible.  It is better to get tested confidentially and not risk your asset known as Health Insurance.  You will eventually need to use your health insurance for something more serious and it is important to have it there when you need it.  The low cost of paying for an exam out of pocket greatly outweigh the consequences of being kicked of your health insurance coverage or having your health rates go up.

The Swab Test

September 29th, 2009

If anyone saw the last episode of Entourage there is a part where one of the characters is needing to get tested for STD’s.  When he is at the Dr’s office he sees that the Dr. grabs an eight inch Q-tip and proceeds to walk towards him.  He asks the Dr., “what are you going to do with that?” and the Dr. responds “exactly what you hope i’m not going to do.”  This is a very common occurrence in the world of testing.  Many people are unaware that there have been many advances in technology and that the Swab Culture is no longer needed.  For men it can be a very painful procedure and for women it can be very invasive.  This test is very archaic  and should no longer be used.  Not only is it painful or invasive but it has more room for errors and is not as accurate as a urine sample.  To get more info give us a call and we can locate the nearest testing center to you.

Confidentiallity in Std testing

September 17th, 2009

Confidentiality is extremely important when getting tested for STD’s.  The majority of the public is not aware that coming back positive can cause your health insurance rates to increase or have you kicked off all together.  I had a gentleman call me and tell me that his best friend was kicked of just because he got tested for HIV.  He didn’t even come back positive, all he did was get tested.  The type of service we offer to get STD testing is 100% confidential.  This allows anyone to feel comfortable getting tested and not have to worry about their friends or family finding out.  Being tested confidentially allows people to get tested and not risk their insurance that they will eventually need for something serious.

Chlamydia Treatment

September 16th, 2009

There are many treatments for chlamydia.  Depending on what your situation a doctor will prescribe an antibiotic.  Ussually within a week or two you can have it completely cured.  The type of treatment will depend on an individual basis.  If you have any prior conditions that will also be considered.  There are two main types of antibiotics a daily pill or a one time dose.  Regardless of which you choose it is important to get your partner tested and treated as well so that it is not passed between the two.

Sex Myths and Testing

September 10th, 2009

I was reading an article today in web MD about sex myths.  The article focused on myths about sex such as premature ejaculation, the G-spot, and other such things.  It caused me to start thinking about how many myths there are about sex.  Does a condom protect you from Std’s?  If a male doesn’t ejaculate inside can he still catch something?  What happens if we just kiss can I still get HIV?  While all these are great answers it is important to know the difference between myths and the truth.

It all starts by being well educated.  STD’s can be very dangerous if not caught on time and can be very easily spreadable.  While a condom is a great source of protection it cannot protect you from everything.  Something like HSV (herpes), Chlamydia, or Gonorrhea can be passed on through skin to skin contact and the condom doesn’t necessarily cover everything.

I get asked everyday what the best way to protect yourself from an STD.  The best way is to use a combination of things.  Use a condom as well as get your partner tested before you enter into a physical relationship.  This will greatly decrease the chances of being infected.

HIV Results in 20 Minutes

September 8th, 2009

HIVFor those of you that don’t know, there are over 20 different types of tests for HIV.  There is a new test out there that is based off an oral swab.  You can get results as fast as 20  min.  When getting tested for HIV you will need to make a decision of which type of test you want to have done.  The type of testing will need to fit your needs and at this point you should focus on what your needs are.  Is accuracy or instant results more important.  Although this test offers rapid results in misses 1-2 people that are positive for HIV.  The best and most accurate way to test is through an antibody test with a blood sample.

With the oral test you must wait 6 months from the date of the infection to be accurately tested, with most antibody tests you only need to wait 3 months and you get your results within 2 days.  If you ask me I would rather wait 2 days to get my results and have complete peace of mind that the results I received are true.