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HIV Results in 20 Minutes

HIVFor those of you that don’t know, there are over 20 different types of tests for HIV.  There is a new test out there that is based off an oral swab.  You can get results as fast as 20  min.  When getting tested for HIV you will need to make a decision of which type of test you want to have done.  The type of testing will need to fit your needs and at this point you should focus on what your needs are.  Is accuracy or instant results more important.  Although this test offers rapid results in misses 1-2 people that are positive for HIV.  The best and most accurate way to test is through an antibody test with a blood sample.

With the oral test you must wait 6 months from the date of the infection to be accurately tested, with most antibody tests you only need to wait 3 months and you get your results within 2 days.  If you ask me I would rather wait 2 days to get my results and have complete peace of mind that the results I received are true.


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