Sex Myths and Testing

Sex Myths and Testing

I was reading an article today in web MD about sex myths. The article focused on myths about sex such as premature ejaculation, the G-spot, and other such things. It caused me to start thinking about how many myths there are about sex. Does a condom protect you from Std’s? If a male doesn’t ejaculate inside can he still catch something? What happens if we just kiss can I still get HIV? While all these are great answers it is important to know the difference between myths and the truth.

It all starts by being well educated. STD’s can be very dangerous if not caught on time and can be very easily spreadable. While a condom is a great source of protection it cannot protect you from everything. Something like HSV (herpes), Chlamydia, or Gonorrhea can be passed on through skin to skin contact and the condom doesn’t necessarily cover everything.

I get asked everyday what the best way to protect yourself from an STD. The best way is to use a combination of things. Use a condom as well as get your partner tested before you enter into a physical relationship. This will greatly decrease the chances of being infected.

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