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The Swab Test

If anyone saw the last episode of Entourage there is a part where one of the characters is needing to get tested for STD’s.  When he is at the Dr’s office he sees that the Dr. grabs an eight inch Q-tip and proceeds to walk towards him.  He asks the Dr., “what are you going to do with that?” and the Dr. responds “exactly what you hope i’m not going to do.”  This is a very common occurrence in the world of testing.  Many people are unaware that there have been many advances in technology and that the Swab Culture is no longer needed.  For men it can be a very painful procedure and for women it can be very invasive.  This test is very archaic  and should no longer be used.  Not only is it painful or invasive but it has more room for errors and is not as accurate as a urine sample.  To get more info give us a call and we can locate the nearest testing center to you.


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