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100,000 Women Go Infertile

75% of women are said to be asymptomatic to chlamydia.  Often, this bacteria can cause internal damage because it has virtually no signs or symptoms.  Chlamydia is responsible for about 100,000 women going infertile and can lead to sterility in men as well.  When left untreated chlamydia can cause PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) or damage the fallopian tubes preventing the eggs to travel to the ovaries.  Unless you are practicing safe sexual habits chlamydia can be very difficult to avoid especially for men and women under the age of 25.

I was on various websites today searching for different stories on contraceptives and I ran into one that I had never really seen before much less used.  It was the Female condom.  A company by the name of Female healthimages has developed a condom for women that is FDA approved.  Now, as I said before I haven’t personally seen or used one so I was intrigued.  A latex condom is the easiest and most effective way to protect from pregnancy and reduce the possibilities of contracting an STD.  Well, now, there is an alternative.


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