Free Testing

Free Testing

With an ever changing population the rate at which STD’s are being spread is concerning. The need for testing facilities is always growing but how does the consumer know who to pick. Here are a couple of facts that may help you make a decision when looking for a place to get tested.

There are many ways to get tested you can go to your family doctor, go to some sort of clinic or call a center such as ours. Many people don’t like going to their doctor because of confidentiality reasons. If you go to your doctor many times he is a family friend. It might be embarrassing and even if there is no connection outside of the office, if you come back positive for a major STD it will be on your medical record forever. This can cause your health insurance rates to increase or even be kicked off.

Another way to get tested is to go to those local clinics where they don’t necessarily run the most accurate tests. Many times these clinics are government subsided so in order to cut costs they sacrifice results.

You can also call a company that will send you to a local lab. What a lot of people don’t know is that even if they use the same laboratories each lab can offer over 20 different tests for the same disease. How do you know who to trust? you have to ask about what kind of tests are the most accurate? Which have less room for error? How quickly can i get my results? Any place that offers you immediate results the same day most likely is to good to be true. The most accurate way to test for an STD is off a blood or urine sample.

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each place you can go to. Increasing one’s knowledge of STD’s plays a major roll in protecting themselves from being infected. If you have any questions give a counselor a call. We are here to help.

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