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Blood is the carrier of life, and of oxygen. If flows to every part of the body, regulating and feeding. Thus it is no surprise that many diseases can affect the blood. A complete blood count lets your doctors know exactly how the ratios of different types of blood cells work throughout your body, and can be very revealing toward any problems. Examination of white blood cells also lets doctors know exactly what antibodies your body is forming, a sure sign of infection.

Intravenous blood is usually easily taken by hypodermic needle, and put through various tests meant to examine:

  • The amount of white blood cells in one's system
  • The number of different types of white blood cells, and whether one type is being preferred
  • The amount of red blood cells apparent
  • How much volume of the blood is taken up by red blood cells
  • Hemoglobin amounts and concentrations in red blood cells
  • Occurrence of platelets throughout the blood, indicating internal wounds, or poor clotting

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