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Privacy Policy - Local - Confidential - STD Testing

Security of Your Personal Information:
All the personal information of the users received by SimpleSTDTesting, is encrypted using latest security standards and protocols, before it is transmitted to our server. In order to further preserve the integrity of your personal information, we’ve restricted the access to such information to only those authorized persons that are absolutely required to have such access in order to deliver you the accurate testing results. We undertake not to divulge your personal information to any third party without your written authorization. Additionally, we also guarantee that we do not report any personal information or test results to your health insurance company or any other individuals or entities without your express consent. Our partner physicians and experts review all testing results before releasing them to you. SimpleSTDTesting, and its affiliate partners are required by law to report positive test results for all communicable diseases. Thus, in order to comply with legal requirements, including but not limited to those laid out under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we may disclose such information, as required, to authorized government agencies. We fully comply with HIPAA guidelines in ensuring that your personal information is protected and secured.

Security of Your Non-Personal Information:
In addition to some personal information, we may also collect certain non-personal information while you are browsing our website. This non-personal information may include, but not limited to, your IP address, name of your browser, duration of your stay, time, date, referring website, etc. This information is used in order to give you an enhanced experience of using our website, and may be shared with third parties for marketing purposes only.

Third Party Links:
The website may contain third-party links to affiliates, marketers, and/or advertisers. We have no control over the content on such linked websites.

Your Billing Information:
SimpleSTDTesting, asks for minimum amount of information that is absolutely vital to process your payment using debit or credit card. All the information so collected is encrypted and then, transmitted straight to your credit/debit card company, and we have no means of accessing such information. Therefore, we do not sell or trade in your billing information with third parties.

SimpleSTDTesting, is an exclusive medical screening services provider. The results provided to you are based on in-house standard testing procedures and for informational purposes only. We have trained counselors but not all counselors are doctors. Thus, we do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions or give medical advice, even if the results are negative. We strongly advise to consult medical practitioner or doctor after you receive your results. SimpleSTDTesting, is only responsible to the extent of our liability as laid under Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy, and this Disclaimer.

We do not discount any minor error or failure in our in-house laboratory testing, and the error-standards are akin to any standard laboratory. Although, we take ample precautions and measures to avoid such errors, yet some minor errors have to be taken into account while relying on the tests.

False negative results could imply either the person is infected but his/her body has not yet produced the appropriate indicators, or your body is producing the appropriate indicators but for some reason the test failed to detect it.

False positive results imply that the person tested positive for the appropriate indicators, when in fact, he/she is negative.

Errors could also occur due to broken test tubes, lost specimens, etc.

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