Are You at Risk of HIV Infection?

Are You at Risk of HIV Infection?

If you are sexually active, especially in a non-monogamous relationship, if you have had intimate contact with an HIV positive person, or if you have been exposed to any infected bodily fluids such as blood, you may be at risk of having HIV. Immediate testing for the virus is definitely called for if you are at risk and have not been tested, since the earlier you know that you are infected, the better the outcome will be. Of course, finding out that you are HIV positive can be a very scary experience and you may be tempted to put off testing for fear of what you may find out. However, this is not a good idea. By going ahead and getting an HIV test you can either assuage your fears by finding out that you are not actually HIV positive or you can start taking action to control your infection and stay healthy and to keep from infecting other people.

Thanks to new antiretroviral drugs, early treatment of HIV can help infected people live long, high quality lives. However, the key is to find out about the infection early so that treatment can be started. This is why it is so necessary to get tested if you have any doubts about your status and to find out the truth. Once you know whether or not you have gotten the disease, you can be empowered to take control and to keep yourself healthy.

Fortunately, getting tested for HIV is a very simple process. It requires only a small blood sample, which can then be checked for the virus. You can also be guaranteed confidential and rapid testing by using Simple STD Testing. This company is a nationwide chain that provides knowledgeable, confidential, and fast service to help people get tested for a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases. When you call Simple STD Testing for an HIV testing appointment, you can usually get same day testing services and a result back within just a few days. This allows you to get your results fast and to skip the days or weeks of worry that can accompany other methods of testing.

Simple STD Testing’s philosophy is based on the idea that people should have a way of getting STD tests in a very caring environment that ensures compete privacy. By using Simple STD Testing for an HIV Test, you can expect to talk with a trained counselor who can help you deal with the fear and other emotional aspects of testing for this disease and who can also help if you get a positive result. All Simple STD Testing center staff are trained professionals whose primary business is helping people learn about their STD and HIV status and deal with the fear, embarrassment, and other emotions that can make it difficult for many people to get the treatment they need.

Because HIV can be so easily transmitted to sexual partners and is much easier to treat when caught early, it is really essential that you get help as soon as possible. Don’t let fear, embarrassment, or other things get in the way of this extremely important step. Call Simple STD Testing today so that you can get the necessary knowledge to make smart choices about your future.

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