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Confidential STD Testing is Available for Anyone Who Needs It

Probably the scariest part about getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is working up the nerve to make the call. Many people are fearful of contacting a center for this service because they don’t want anyone to know they may have an STD. The days of worrying about not having privacy when getting tested are over. It is now an option to anonymously get tested at home in a completely confidential manner to provide you with peace of mind.
Whether or not you have the signs and symptoms of an STD, diseases such as HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, and hepatitis can be harmful or fatal if you do not get tested and subsequent treatment is not received in a timely manner. Medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and care of infectious diseases can do testing for you if you have a provider with whom you are very comfortable. Some diseases are treatable with antibiotics whereas viruses can now be suppressed with antiviral drugs. If you do not have a doctor, there are county sites and locations available where you can receive free testing. Simply contact your local health agency for information by phone or in-person.
The other option for testing yourself is to order a confidential STD test and do it at home. It’s as simple as submitting a sample of your blood to the lab so they can test your blood and report the results to you by mail. You can remain 100% anonymous! Women are especially prone to feeling shame when it comes to sexual activity and being concerned about whether they or their partner might have an STD. However, there shouldn’t be any shame in making plans to stay healthy by getting tested! According to the CDC, the year 2008 saw more than 1 million cases of Americans living with HIV or AIDS. That’s a terribly high number considering all of the ways we can work together to prevent contracting and transmitting the disease. Do your part and get tested!
One of the most successful ways of preventing transmission is early detection of the disease. If you are going to engage in sexual activity, it is imperative that you and your partner are open with each other about contact you have or may have had with someone who was infected. Even if you do not have any obvious symptoms, by caring enough to tell your partner, you are making the best decision to help stop the spread of STDs.
On our website, you can receive complete online privacy 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A caring person is on the other end of your computer to offer recommendations to you with complete patient confidentiality. There are facilities in your state and local area where you can receive the testing and counseling you need with low or no fees for these services. Don’t wait another day to have the testing performed!


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