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It’s Simple to Find STD Testing Centers Near You

The first question on many people’s minds is, “Why worry about an STD? I know my partner is safe.” The reality is that many sexually transmitted diseases occur when one partner take the risk of trusting the other without full information about whether they suffer from an STD infection. The person who has the infection may not even know because they have never shown any symptoms. Unprotected sexual contacts are a dangerous game of Russian roulette.
With incurable diseases such as genital herpes, hepatitis, and AIDS, it has become routine for men and women alike to find STD testing centers in their states where they can get tested at a center, discuss questions they have, and even seek treatment. Some states offer medications for free so check with your State Health Agency for assistance. Screening centers in many states such as TX are available for testing all day during the week and usually for several hours on the weekends for extended hours.
Information about STDs is readily available for free online or through literature found at your doctor office or health clinic. To schedule an appointment for free or low-cost testing in your area, pick up the local Yellow Pages or search online and you’ll instantly be connected to an array of links, contacts, and site locations where they can provide testing, treatment for symptoms, and results from your blood test in a very short time.
Through the years, STDs have become more commonplace in the American population. Many schools have instituted policies where students are offered information, can have their questions answered, and where prevention of disease transmission are the top goals. Government programs now help fund these educational presentations and they have become a regular part of the Junior High and High School health curriculum. They also inform students of where they can go to get tested to help prevent transmission of a disease they may already have contracted.
Several STD’s are treatable if symptoms are addressed right away, testing is done, and a visit to a doctor occurs for rapid treatment with medication. Diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis fall under this category of treatable STDs. Although many resources, clinics, and free services exist, many people still neglect to take the necessary actions to get tested and prevent transmission. The CDC strongly recommends that every sexually active person get tested for STDs regularly and to use proper barrier protection such as a condom before engaging in sexual activity with a partner. The most effective way of avoiding becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease is through abstaining from sexual contact altogether.
By getting the information you need right away, you don’t need to wait for months worrying about whether it’s worth it to get tested. For your health, no matter men or women, getting yourself tested should be a top priority!


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