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STD Screening is for Everyone

Whether you have been in a relationship for weeks or months and no matter your age, and STD can happen to you. Having information about how they are transmitted, what types of diseases exist, why testing is important, and how to get screened can all result in avoiding the risk of contracting an STD. The medical community agrees that an STD infection is one of the most life-altering events of one’s life, especially concerning viral STDs such as herpes, hepatitis, and HIV. Early detection is very important but prevention is even better!
Preventing the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease is a matter of life and death in some cases. Viral STDs such as HIV AIDS and hepatitis can actually cause a person’s death. With a risk like this, using barrier methods such as condoms can help with prevention of transmitting these diseases. There is no reason for having unprotected sex due to affordability because many centers such as Planned Parenthood and other community and county services offer free condoms. Even schools across the nations have improved their full health classes by the addition of risk education about how to prevent STDs. Many states have decided that the government should be a provider of information to the adolescent community.
Why the big deal about STDs? Well, as mentioned, some are incurable and can cause death. However, some are simply uncomfortable but bacterial in nature such as gonorrhea and syphilis. These diseases can cause anything from sores to discharge, burning, and pain when urinating. Other common STDs are parasitic by nature such as Chlamydia. These categories of STDs are easier to treat because the treatment is a normal course of antibiotics. These can aid in both relieving the symptoms and killing the organism that has invaded the body.
If you have more questions about how these diseases are transmitted, how they can affect one’s health, or how to contact one of the many centers near you, visit Google and get searching! Information is available online such as articles about STDs and prevention. It is very simple for you to find and speak with one of our professionals over the phone and get counseling and visit a lab that tests for STDs.


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