STD’s in Teenagers

STD’s in Teenagers

Teenage years are the times that a person may experience and enjoy everything that life can give them. This is a time for carelessness and enjoyment. However, statistics say that most STD cases today are from the younger generation. Aside from unplanned pregnancy, STD infection is widely spread among the young people. Statistically speaking they have the most number of cases in the U.S.

Parents may have a vital role in preventing their children from being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Parents may guide their children on relationships and values. Parents should also be the ones who should give the first hand information about sex and STDs. This will assure the children that what they are getting is true and correct. The more information the teens get the more protected they are from getting infected from diseases.

Many teens get infected with different diseases is because they lack vital information. Younger people should be the ones getting most of the information about STDs because they are the ones more susceptible to these diseases. A young body is not yet fully developed and this means that their ability to fight any bacteria or virus is not yet that strong. This makes them more vulnerable to diseases.

Aside from lack of information, teens get easily infected because of their social activities. Young people are more careless. Many would just jump into something without thinking about it first. Some are not into using condoms and others are embarrassed to buy condoms because of their age. Another thing is peer pressure. Teenagers always want to be accepted by their friends. They simply go along with what their friends are telling them. They are also most likely to use drugs and alcohol which inhibits one to engage into unprotected sex.

To help the teens be protected from STDs, they should be given correct information about it. This will help them know what to do for prevention and what to do in case infection is already present. Parents should also guide their children so that they will always think of what they are doing.

There are several ways to be protected. One is by abstinence until marriage. If one does not engage in sexual activities, one will not be infected with any sexually transmitted diseases. If one is to be sexually active the best way to protect yourself is by the use of condoms in combination with being tested before you enter into a physical relation.

In case of infection, teens are more likely to be ashamed of the situation. Parents may take them to an STD testing clinic where a confidential STD testing is done. This is to keep the identity of the patient in private. This is also to gain the trust of the young patient to get into treatment right away.

Std Testing should be a regular routine for anyone that is sexually active regardless of age or the amount of sexual partners.

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