Ways to Avoid STD Infection

Ways to Avoid STD Infection

There are several ways to protect you of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is not easy to deal with very dreadful diseases like STDs. So, it is better to take preventive measures rather than suffer from it. STDs are not just simple illnesses like fever or colds that can be cured in a few days. STD requires several weeks, months or even years of treatment but still there is no assurance that you are totally safe from it. So, why take the risk? Preventive measures are just easy to follow and they can save your life.

First, make sure your partner is clean. You have to know your partner’s past and present sexual relationships. This way, you may know if he or she is in high risk for infection. It is a good idea to have him or her tested for STD’s to be sure. Also, check for possible symptoms. See if your partner has sores, lumps or rashes. If symptoms are present, you may have to get them tested.

Second, use latex protection. This is the most helpful tool to avoid contracting STD. This should always be a must every time you have sex. If you are to have sex without it, be sure that your partner is clean and safe.

Lastly, practice monogamy. Having multiple sex partners put you in high risk of getting infected with STD. You may never know who has it and not.

These are just simple preventive actions to follow for a better and safer living. Being infected with an STD will also hinder one from enjoying his or her sexual life. In order to enjoy it follow these steps.

If one is having doubts that he or she contracted STD, then an STD test may be taken. STD testing is done very easily and results are given in a quick turnaround time. Samples from the patient are taken like urine or blood. After laboratory testing, results should be ready in a few days. Be cautious of any facility that gives you same day results or results within 20 min. They are usually lower grade tests with a lower percentage for accuracy.

Confidential STD testing clinics offer private STD testing. This is for people who want to be tested in a more confidential manner.

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