What One Needs to Know to Avoid STD

What One Needs to Know to Avoid STD

STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases. STDs are infections that people usually get by having sex with someone who already has one. Anyone can get caught with this type of disease. And it does not choose anybody in particular to victimize. You are at high risk if you are sexually active, have multiple sex partners or do not practice safe sex.

Some STDs may be curable and others treatable. Many STDs do not show any symptoms which makes it difficult for anyone to detect who is infected and who is not. And even though some of these diseases are curable; they can still give severe health damages to its patients if left untreated. These curable diseases are often caused by bacteria and transmitted through sexual activities. Examples of these are Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, urinary and vaginal infections.

HIV and Hepatitis are examples of incurable STDs. These diseases have no cure at all. This means that the virus will stay in the patient’s system for life. This can create different complications which may eventually lead to death. Whether the disease is caused by bacteria or virus, STD is still something that one should give attention to. It is a serious matter that needs utmost and prompt action.

Health complications associated with STDs are severe pain and may make you very sick. A few can even cause death. It also makes it hard for a woman to get pregnant if she is infected. It may also cause birth defects or other health problems for a newborn.

The best way to detect STD infections is through STD testing. Local STD testing is done by taking urine or blood samples from the patient. The sample will be then tested in a laboratory. Results are available in a couple of days. The important thing about STD testing is that it can detect infection right away for early treatment. This may prevent further health complications to the patients and stop the spread of the disease onto other people. STD testing actually aims to manage the spreading of the disease and its rise in its number of cases.

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